Computer Basics Quiz

1.What is a computer?

A screen.
A machine that automatically calculates data.
A doorstop.
An ancient device developed by the Mayan civilization.

2.What is an operating system?

A table surgeons use.
Microsoft Office.
Library staff equipment.
A software program that allows computer hardware (processor, memory) to interact with the software (games, music, applications).

3.Name three of the major components of a computer we discussed earlier.

Mouse, Monitor, Keyboard
Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Norton, McAfee, AVG
Larry, Curly, Moe

4.You click the left mouse button to _____, and the right mouse button to open a ______.

win a prize, jar of beans
find viruses, new file
clean computer, select a new file
open a file/document, menu

5.What is the desktop?

The internet browser window.
The surface where a computer sits.
The main screen area of the Windows operating system.
A monitor casing.

6.What are the major components of a window?

Minimize, Maximize, Close
Up, Down, Right
Recycle Bin, My Documents, Media Player
Title Bar, Access Bar, Bar Bar

7.What is the internet also known as?

An evil place.
The World Wide Web

8.What is a website?

A window containing your personal files.
A collection of several web pages all linked together.
Spiderman's playground.
Part of the Control Panel.

9.Which of the following websites is a search engine?