What is The Internet?

What we call the Internet is what is really called the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is basically billions of files from around the world, all linked to each other through computer networks.

When you access the internet, you gain access by logging onto the World Wide Web through an Internet Service Provider. Locally, Farmers Telephone, Time Warner Cable and others provide access to the Internet for a monthly fee.

The World Wide Web is viewed through Internet Browsers. The most popular browser is Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox is another excellent internet browser. In an internet browser you can search for files, send and recieve e-mails, browse Facebook, play games and much more.

The Uniform Resource Locator or, URL, is the World Wide Web address you would like to visit. Say you wanted to look up articles in The Item. To visit The Item's website, you would have to type in the URL, which is http://www.theitem.com. Think of it this way; want to mail a letter? You must provide an address. Want to visit a website? You must know the website's address.

So what is a Website? A website is a collection of web pages. A web page is a single page of information consisting of words, pictures, video or more. Google.com has billions of web pages, which makes it a website. The front web page of a website is the home page. When you type in google.com, the first thing you see is a search box and the Google logo. That is the home page. Any other page on the website connects to the home page in some way.

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