The Great Migration Resources

Great Migration Bibliography
A bibliography listing over 700 books and articles on The Great Migration

Chicago and the Great Migration
Historical research and narrative on the Great Migration from Northern Illinois University.

Detroit and The Great Migration
A look at The Great Migration through the city of Detroit from 1916 to 1929.

Talking History - Goin' North: Tales of the Great Migration
A five part documentary series on The Great Migration. Must have RealPlayer to play the files, which are located at the bottom of the page.

The Great Migration: University of chicago
Includes an extensive lecture on The Great Migration, letters and links for further exploration.

Primary Sources

Chicago, Jazz and the Great Migration
Contains primary resources of Chicago, Jazz and the Great Migration. Also includes an introduction of the era.

University of Illinois at Chicago Great Migration Resources
Features primary source documents from various archival websites and organizations. The page also contains historical maps, a census database and a few secondary sources.

Jacob Lawrence

Gale Learning: Jacob Lawrence
A biography on Jacob Lawrence. Also includes suggestions for further reading.

Jacob Lawrence: Over The Line
An online virtual exhibit on Jacob Lawrence covering his life and art. Also contains teaching resources.

PBS: Jacob Lawrence
Includes a short profile on the artist as well as newspieces from National Public Radio.

The Great Migration: A Story in Paintings by Jacob Lawrence
The story of The Great Migration in paintings. Contains four slideshows illustrating the painter's work.

The Jacob and Gwen Knight Lawrence Virtual Resource Center
Provides much information on the art of Jacob and Gwen Knight Lawrence. Includes biographical information, research resources and an archive of their work.

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