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Africana. Henry Louis Gates Jr. et al. R 909 AFRI
Chronology of World History Vol. 1-4 R 902.02 MELL
Encyclopedia Judaica. R 909 ENCY
Great Events from History: The Middle Ages. Vol. 1-2. R 909.07 GREA
Great Events from the 18th Century. Vol. 1-4. R 909.7 GREA
Great Events from the 19th Century. Vol. 1-4. R 909.81 GREA
Great Events from the 20th Century. Vol. 1-6. R 909.825 GREA
History of the World. J.M. Roberts. R 909 ROBE
Merriam Webster's Geographical Dictionary. R 910.3 MERR
The Illustrated History of the World. J.M. Roberts. Vol. 1-10. R 909 ROBE
The NY Times: Complete Front Pages 1851-2009. R 909.8 NEWY


1492 Exhibit
An online exhibit on the travels of Christopher Columbus in 1492.
American Treasures of the Library of Congress
Features important American historical documents including the Constitution, Bill of Rights and more.
Archaeology Magazine
News and information on archaeology.
British Museum: World Cultures
Features information on various world cultures throughout history.
BBC Ancient History
Interactive ancient history pages from the BBC.
Historical Maps
Features Historical Maps from the 15th century onward.
History of Invention
This website discusses the course of human invention throughout history.
History and Politics Out Loud
Historical speeches and other relevant audio materials.
Contains archives of newspapers and newsletters, as well as primary source material.
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Tons of information on the history of ancient humans.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Tons of information on medieval history.
PBS: Freedom: A History
The history of America through the sacrifices of its people.
Features articles and resources on American history.
U.S. Women's National History Project
Documenting the lives of women throughout history.
World History
A Web 2.0 interactive website for reviewing world history topics.