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APA Dictionary of Psychology. R 150.3 APA
Encyclopedia of Psychology. R 150.3 ENCY
Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreaming. Mary Carskadon. R 154.603 ENCY
Encyclopedia of Sociology. Edgar Borgotta. R 301.03 ENCY
Psychology Basics. Vol. 1-2. R 150.3 PSYC
Survey of Social Scence: Psychology Series. R 150.3 SURV
The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology. Susan Gall. R 150.3 GALE


AllPsych Online
Reference, texts, journals, tests are more are available here.
American Psychological Association
APA educates the public about psychology, behavioral science, and mental health and fosters education to all levels of children and adults.
American Sociology Association
Serves sociologists and those researching topics in sociology.
Encyclopedia of Psychology
Contains over 900 links to websites on psychology.
JRank Psychology Encyclopedia
A free online encyclopedia.
News and articles on psychology and all aspects of human behavior.
The Socjournal
A new media journal on sociology in relation to society.