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Encyclopedia of the Animal World. R 591.03 E
International Wildlife Encyclopedia. 3rd Edition. R 590.3 BURT
MacMillan Encyclopedia of Chemistry. R 540.3 MACM
Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists. R 509.22 BIOG
McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. R 503 McGR
Britannica Illustrated Science Series. R 503 BRIT
The American Heritage Science Dictionary. R 503 AMER
Encyclopedia of Earth and Physical Sciences. R 500.203 ENCY
The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference. R 500 BARN


A monthly sky guide, space news and astronomy articles.
Answers to all your biology questions.
Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry
Explanations of chemical reactions, experimental chemistry, geology and other questions involving chemistry.
Geology and Earth Science news, articles, maps, satellite images and more.
An international science journal published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Features scientific research, articles, news and resources.
Scientific information brought to you by the U.S. Government.
The Biology Project
Activities, study guides and information on biology from the University of Arizona.
The Physics Classroom
Interactive tutorials of physics concepts.